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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  April 23, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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this game. can't wait owe see. that thanks for joining us tonight new clues about the teen-age stowaway and what happened on that impossible flight. tonight his father speaks out. on edge. russia issues a new military threat. our reporter is face to face with a man holding an american captive in ukraine. hard hit. the nfl cheerleaders level a huge charge against their team tonight. and the most beautiful person. the conversation she opened about very dark skin. we'll show you stunning things the little girls say about dolls with different skin colors. >> because they don't like brown. good evening to you on this wednesday night.
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we begin with word about that the stow-away and the ongoing mystery of what happened on the jumbo jet where he says he was tucked inside the freezing wheel well for hours. it is a story raising questions about how he outsmarted airport security. tonight his father is speaking out about the risk and what may have motivated his son. abc's david kerley starts us off. >> reporter: tonight the 15-year-old stowaway's father says he was shocked to learn about what he called his son's extraordinary and dangerous trip in the wheel well of a 767. how did you transport my son to hawaii. how did he hide himself. how were you able to hide inside of an airplane. he said. he says he saw his son friday at noon. he is quite a child. he likes laptop. tv computers. those are the things he likes the most. the fbi reports the teen had a
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fight with his family and ran away. in the middle of the night he was caught on video cameras jumping the fence at the airport. no one saw him. he was in a wheel well for a more than five hour flight with little oxygen and temperatures at least 50 below not discovered until an hour after the flight landed. the teen transferred to a new school this year and his father says he was struggling in some classes. there had been suggestions the boy wanted to go to africa. he liked to go to africa. my mother and father are in africa. they raised him. that wasn't his plan when he jumped the fence in california. he told an official in hawaii, he climbed up into the first plane he saw. he is still in a hospital in hawaii. he is under the custody of child services there. hawaiian airlines have not told us whether anyone checked that wheel well, diane, before the jetliner took off.
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>> thank you. back here at home. a new challenge on the highly charged issue of guns in america. georgia has opened a new front of the debate. the governor signed a bill nicknamed the guns everywhere bill. churches, bars, schools. steve osunsami breaks down what this law means. >> reporter: critics are calling it the guns everywhere law. depending how you see it, it's either one of the most frightening or most progressive gun laws in the country. >> long overdue. >> starting july 1st people in georgia can bring firearms into bars, libraries, churches and even some government buildings. people convicted of certain misdemeanors can get gun permits and police cannot stop someone because they suspect they're carrying an unlicensed gun. the law gives businesses the right to say no with a sign or notice banning guns.
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georgia's governor signed the law with pleasure today. >> i will put into law a gun bill that heralds self-defense, personal liberties and public safety. >> reporter: here there are many many supporters. >> people should be able to carry it on their person wherever they go. >> reporter: when we visited this gun range outside atlanta, we met everyone from college kids to executives. >> you should still have the right to be able to protect yourself. >> reporter: across the country gun control supporters are sounding the alarm. >> to do it in the name of safety, it's tragic. >> reporter: they say georgia went the wrong way. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. next here now a kind of dare, double-dare between the u.s. and russia over the intention in the ukraine. tonight those u.s. paratroopers have landed in poland. a show of force not lost on russia. abc's alex marquardt is on the ground with what is new tonight.
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>> reporter: a show of force as american paratroopers arrived today in poland. a message to moscow which responded today saying it's ready to react militarily if its interests are attacked in ukraine. >> russian citizens being attacked is an attack against the russian federation. >> reporter: ukraine says it's relaunching its anti-terrorism operation. the unsuccessful attempt to quash unrest sweeping eastern ukraine where pro-russian forces seized government buildings, even towns. as tensions rise, so have the number of threats against foreign journalists. american, simon ostrovsky, a reporter has been detained for two days. we went to see the man holding ostrovsky. he was given incorrect one-sided information the mayor told us adding that ostrovsky needs to be taught a lesson. >> do you plan to release him soon?
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>> he feels fine. we're feeding him well he said. nothing unpleasant is happening to him. >> reporter: the mayor assured us that ostrovsky would be released. tonight the united states is calling on russia to use its influence with those pro-russia groups to get him and other detainees out. so far no sign of his ordeal ending any time soon. we want to bring you up to date on madeline mccann, the little girl missing for seven years after vanishing from a hotel room while on vacation with her family in portugal. scotland yard revealed details about the five other cases they say they're studying. each involving a male intruder who allegedly slipped into vacation villas and sexually assaulted children. the incidence happened near where maddie was staying, and a gathering storm in the world of professional football and the team on offense turns out to be
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the cheerleaders. they have a big lawsuit describing working conditions so bad that football fans are stunned. abc's cecilia vega with what cheerleaders say is the truth behind those smiles. >> reporter: the latest in the growing chorus of anger from the sidelines of the nfl. five former buffalo bills cheerleaders, known as the buffalo jills, accusing their team of demeaning treatment and unfair pay. >> our dream of being a buffalo bills cheerleader was taken advantage of. >> reporter: according to a suit, they controlled everything right down to their fingernails. french manicure or natural polish only. even how much bread to eat at formal dinners and how to properly eat soup. every week they say they had the jiggle test. those who failed in some cases were penalized, suspended, or dismissed. >> everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard and having us do a jiggle test to see how -- you know, what parts of our body were jiggling.
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>> reporter: according to the lawsuit, one of the jills said she was only paid $105 for the entire season, and the cheerleaders say they had to pay out of pocket for the $650 uniform. neither the nfl nor the bills are commenting. buffalo follows suit by cheerleaders from the cincinnati bengles and oakland raiders some of whom were claimed they were paid less than $5 an hour. the jills say they are less than minimum wage. the highest paid player on the team rakes in an average of $16 million a season, and they say that's nothing to cheer about. cecilia vega, abc news. a brian ross investigation about a popular brand of products. you may have heard the name. perhaps, they're in your home. herbalife. the company says its shakes help you lose weight and help you live a healthy life. tonight hidden cameras show what some of the distributors say what's behind closed doors. abc's chief investigative
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correspondent with his report. >> reporter: with hundreds of thousands of american independent distributors the herbalife company says business has never been better despite two federal investigations and allegations by critics that it's an illegal pyramid scheme. which herbalife denies. the $6 billion company produce a range of diet powders and nutrition products sold only by its distributors. by am way. but the company also remains under a court order from the 1980s not to make false or misleading representations about the product's health benefits which herbalife board member richard carmona, a former surgeon general, says is essential. you give people false hope. they may not go to the doctors. >> reporter: in the training materials the company tells not to claim herbalife can prevent
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any disease but look at what our undercover reporters found. this distributor in new york city told us a story of a woman who overcame a brain tumor thanks to herbalife. des walsh, the president of herbalife. >> does herbalife cure brain tumors? >> absolutely not. and frankly, i am appalled to hear you say this. what is happening is a complete violation of our rules. >> does it happen often? >> i don't believe so. >> reporter: that was not the only time we caught on tape such claims being made. at training sessions organized by veteran distributors, new recruits were told herbalife products helped treat heart disease. >> i had congestive heart failure. >> reporter: in spanish, treated headaches and anemia and even helped one woman get pregnant. >> i'm 40 years old. had my first pregnancy. >> it distresses me to hear these.
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>> this is going on right now. >> and this is something we clearly need to address and we will do so. these instances are aberrations. this is not the herbalife that i know. >> reporter: since our interview the company has revealed to abc news that, in fact, almost 600 distributors were disciplined last year alone for making medical claims with 12 of them stripped of their distributorships, diane. thank you. and you can watch brian's full report tonight on "nightline." up next here, the woman named most beautiful person today opened an important conversation about growing up with very dark skin. so tonight here's some stunning things little girls say about these dolls with different skin colors. a startling moment of truth when we're back in two minutes. my name is karen and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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just today people magazine named oscar winner lupita nyong'o the most beautiful person of the year. other african american women, beyonce, halle barry have graced the cover. but lupita has said it was painful for her to be a young girl growing up with very dark skin. we wanted to know if children today still absorbed that painful message about dark and light skin. and abc's deborah roberts had a personal reason to seek an answer. >> reporter: lupita nyong'o, today the most beautiful woman of the year, quite a turn for the actress who shared a heart-breaking secret. >> my one prayer to god was that i would wake up light skinned. >> reporter: owning up to deep-rooted pain many black women have felt for years. reporting the story for "good morning america" i, too, found myself shaken by old wounds.
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>> i understand her journey. >> reporter: choking up on air. my personal revelation led to an outpouring on online messages. so many others sharing that dark shame. it led me to wonder in 2014 with the prominence of women like michelle obama and beyonce, surely color and beauty must not be an issue. so with the help of associatologist and with a group of 5 to 8-year-olds we took a snapshot of the famous 1939 doll test. black kids presented with two dolls overwhelmingly preferred the white one. we started by showing each girl three dolls all dressed identically but with different shades of skin color. >> which one do you think is the most beautiful? >> reporter: at first we're encouraged to see this girl choose a doll that looks like her. >> why is this doll more beautiful than these two? >> it looks mostly like me. >> reporter: her confidence shining through.
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but then watch. we're stunned again and again. the girls choose the white doll. >> so this is the most beautiful doll? >> reporter: why? >> because she has blond hair. >> her shirt and boots and hair. >> because she has blond hair. >> i like her hair. >> because she has blond hair. >> reporter: what does that say to you about what message they're getting? outside in the world? >> blonder lighter features are seen as the most desirable. >> tv may be partly to blame. one study looking at prime time television found 76% of the faces we see are white and just 16% are black. which might explain the girls response when asked who they would prefer to look like. >> i want to look like that one. >> reporter: this black girl chooses the white doll and reveals the problem. >> why do you guys think this doll wasn't as popular? >> because they don't like brown. >> reporter: for me a sobering
5:47 pm
moment of truth. as i watch with the parents. especially when we see what the girls do when asked which doll they would like to take home. a tug of war over that blond white doll. sadly, we still have a lot of work to do. i spoke with researchers who specialize in body image and they say it's going to take a lot more dark skin to be held up as beautiful, diane, to truly change the way we look at ourselves and look at each other. >> you were saying show pictures and talk about skin color. don't avoid the issue. >> it's not enough to buy them dolls. you need to talk about the dark skin and how beautiful it is alone with all the other dolls. talk about it. >> a great report. thank you. >> thank you. when we come back here, another carriage horse on a run- away sprint. and look at the passengers in the back clutching each other. we'll show you what happened next in our "instant index." hin. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction -
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with a medical advance straight out of science fiction. a michigan man has become the fourth person to be fitted with a kind of bionic eye. it took doctors 4 1/2 hours to implant electrodes in his eye receiving impulses from a small video camera transmitted to the optic nerve and the brain and man blinded by a degenerative disease can see shadows and light. doctors are calling this a game changer. a milestone for an american original. wrigley field home to the chicago cubs turns 100 today. wrigley on the bucket list for millions of baseball fans. that signature red, the ivy, the hand operated score board. a connection to a simpler time in this country. here was the baseball diamond then and now. the crowds marking the vintage costumes. baseball, wrigley so much at the heart of the american
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experience. and it has happened again, the second time in two weeks, a carriage horse spooked, terrified tourists hanging on. their carriage flying through the streets of charleston, south carolina. see them there. the passengers and driver are fine tonight. a bystander had minor bruises and it's a kind of dangerous deja vu, the one incident in savanna, georgia, some clever restaurant workers in that case and a handful of carrots calmed that horse. up next, an sos written in the sand and the lucky castaways hitch a miracle ride. see it next. as you age, you may not get all the nutrition you need to stay active. try boost® original nutritional drink. it helps fill nutritional gaps in your diet. each delicious serving provides 10 grams of protein
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finally here tonight, saved out of the clear blue sky. imagine being stranded on a tiny island somewhere in the ocean. the only hope of rescue, a giant and written sos in the sand. abc's john donvan tells us some amazing things that happened next. >> reporter: they could have been missed so easily, those three letters on a tiny sandbar of an island. here off of australia's coast. a party of five had been out snorkeling and had the bad luck as they went ashore near rocks to collect shells of having
5:57 pm
their boat drift off without them with everything they owned in it including their phones. >> i happened to look back and saw the boat was drifting. >> reporter: it was a middle of the nowhere place. no food, water or shade and no warmth either when night came. so the sos seemed a long shot. it was not. the underbelly camera of a rescue helicopter spotted the sos and the island. they sent a man down and soon bringing up one by one almost castaways. >> we saw them initially on the rock and it confirmed to us that that was people we were looking for. >> reporter: it was all of nine hours out there, not long enough to make it an ordeal. >> they were fine. a little dehydrated. >> reporter: just long enough for it to be an adventure. john donvan, abc news, washington. and we thank you for watching tonight. we're always here at and of course, "nightline" will be along later and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. good night.
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tonight a relative tells us why a stow way climbed into the wheel well of a mean >> and a 5-year-old boy might lose his eye due to a paint ball
5:59 pm
attacker. >> and a surprise from apple tonight making more money than most companies can count. now, rewarding investors in a very big way. >> we begin with breaking news in daly city a report of gunfire led to evacuation of a medical building. >> police found evidence someone did open fire. this happened on south gate avenue just blocks from seton medical center. >> cornell bernard has been on the story and is live with developments for us. cornell? >> this story changed in 45 seconds, police telling us they have just found evidence in the second floor of the medical building that shots were fired on the
6:00 pm
the search turned up nothing for hours after reports came in there is a man with a gun around 1:30, someone reported a man with a gun inside of the building. sky 7 was overhead the building was evacuated. neighbors told to shelter in place. police say a doctor thought he saw a man with a gun. that is all true at this point according to a police lieutenant. police believe the doctor may have been targeted but tells police he did not recognize the man who had the gun. here is some other video we


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